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Battle Of The Roasts

Battle Of The Roasts

We live in a coffee-fueled society where the number of coffee connoisseurs is always on the rise. Coffee preferences vary vastly, but one thing is sure. People actively seek out fantastic tasting and flavorful coffee. Roasting is an art that, if done right, will unleash the coffee beans' fullest flavor. Let's discuss the two main ways to roast coffee beans: drum roasting and air roasting.

Drum roasting, the oldest roasting method, involves tumbling green coffee beans in a steel drum. A mechanical arm stirs the beans, and they roast through their contact with the hot metal interior. The drum is typically heated by gas or electricity, while some daring folks still use an open flame. This roasting method makes consistency between batches or even beans in the same roast nearly impossible. Some beans might not get enough contact, while others might have too much. The consistency between roasts is also impacted by the air's humidity and temperature at the time of the roast, as air is drawn into the drum.

Additionally, during any coffee roasting process, the outer skin of the green coffee bean, also known as chaff, is removed. The drum's design makes filtering out the chaff impossible as there is no mechanism or method to separate those bits out. Those little unwanted bits are left to smoke or burn, often producing bitter or burnt tasting coffee. 

During the air roasting process, green coffee beans are roasted over a bed of hot air called a fluid bed. The hot air levitates the beans and revolves them around the roasting chamber. The heat of the air is evenly distributed to ensure every individual bean is roasted uniformly and to perfection. As the chaff is removed during this roasting process, it's then blown into a collector chamber. With no chaff to interfere, air-roasted coffee tastes smoother and less bitter than traditional drum roasted coffee. Air roasting means repeatable batches and more control over your coffee roasting results. By design, air roasters work to keep the integrity of the coffee bean while eliminating the effects of outside variables. In addition, air roasters can roast to specific temperatures. Air roasters have the technology to stop the roasting process once a pre-established time and temperature are reached. 

At Green Screen, we choose to air roast because it leaves nothing to chance. Air roasting allows the beans' natural flavors to shine while giving you smooth, less bitter-tasting coffee. You truly can taste the difference! Roasting with a JavaMaster air roaster makes it possible to enjoy your favorite Green Screen coffees. Each cup tasting just as good as the last!

Ready for fantastic tasting and flavorful air-roasted coffee? Click here to start your Green Screen order!

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