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The Meaning Behind Our Name

The Meaning Behind Our Name

The Meaning Behind Our Name
What’s a green screen, you might ask? Well, a green screen is an indispensable piece of technology behind today’s movie magic. Essentially, it is just a green sheet of cloth positioned in the background of your typical camera shot. This green screen is then edited out in post-production and replaced with computer-generated imagery (aka CGI). Special effects departments can transform these green backgrounds into almost anything they might imagine—the possibilities are endless. 

We here at Green Screen Coffee took that same boundless potential and imagination and distilled it into our coffee beans. With Green Screen Coffee, you have the lead role in the production called Life. You call the shots, you write the script, and you choose your path. There is no limit to what you might accomplish. Our coffee is there for you, behind the scenes, helping to get you through ACT I, II, and III of your day. 

What Green Means to Us 
Green means a lot to us! As you might have guessed, it’s our favorite color. Green represents the potential for creativity. Green is the essence of our environment. Green is the color of growth. Green is healthy. 

Therefore, we use the best green beans from responsible farms. We roast with air for a smoother taste and because it’s healthier for you and better for the planet. We ship your coffee within 24 hrs of roasting for guaranteed freshness. 

Click here to order your coffee today! 

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