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What Is Pour Over Coffee and Why Is It Awesome?

What Is Pour Over Coffee and Why Is It Awesome?

You may have heard the term "pour over" thrown around at coffee shops or even from at-home coffee drinkers and found yourself wondering, "what the heck is a pour over?" In a coffee-fueled society where the number of coffee connoisseurs is always on the rise, coffee terminology can be intimidating at first, but Green Screen has your back!

The pour over brewing technique has been around for some time but has recently regained popularity among coffee drinkers. Pour overs are increasingly being offered at coffee shops, along with more at-home coffee drinkers using this unique brewing method. It's a great way to brew a flavorful and delicate cup of coffee.

What Exactly Is a Pour Over?
Pour over coffee is brewed by slowly hand-pouring hot water over coffee grounds in a filter. The water then drains through the coffee and filters into your cup of choice. Voilà, you now have pour over coffee! Using this method, you can extract a full-flavored cup of coffee with more complexity.

Why Do People Like the Pour Over Method?
The key reason people are drawn to this method is the amount of control you have over the brewing process, especially compared to standard drip coffee machines. Since the entire process is manually done, you control your brew's taste, temperature, texture, and strength. Most of these coffee characteristics are determined by the flow of water (i.e., how fast you pour, how much water you use) and the temperature of the water.

Another key reason as to why pour overs are so incredible is the taste! Many coffee drinkers, especially those who drink black coffee, prefer the pour over method because it creates a more flavorful nuanced cup of coffee. Pour over coffee tends to be bright and aromatic with heightened acidity and a thinner body.

Pour overs highlight the qualities of the coffee bean, creating a more refined cup of coffee customized to your taste. One thing to note, no matter how you brew your coffee, if you don't start with high-quality, fresh coffee beans, your coffee won't taste any good. For a brewing method this awesome, use Green Screen beans to get the best tasting coffee. We supply you with the finest 100% Arabica coffee beans from responsible farms, roast with air for a smoother taste, and ship within 24 hrs of roasting for guaranteed freshness.

Ready for better, fresher cups of coffee? Order your Green Screen Coffee beans today!

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